We are Griffwelt

Griffwelt GmbH, headquartered in Tamsweg, is a dynamic and expanding company that has focused on the development and distribution of premium door fittings since its establishment in 2013.

Our product portfolio includes fittings consisting of a 3-part screw rosette, a 2-part flat rosette with magnetic substructure and high-quality 2-part clip rosettes for the Alpine and Design ranges. We are constantly expanding our existing and proven range with innovative new products - such as the alternative of a locking mechanism in the door handle, which ultimately makes a "door without a key rosette" possible.

"minimo" the handle that can simply do more!

We also offer long escutcheon sets, renovation long escutcheons and protective fittings in a wide range of surface finishes, meaning we have a suitable solution for every taste. Glass door fittings in a wide variety of shapes and colors as well as accessories "all around the door" complete our comprehensive range.

Our door handles are suitable for both the private and commercial sectors, with the majority being classified in accordance with DIN 1906 (usage categories 3 and 4) and in the area of fire protection in accordance with DIN 18273 - FS.

Professionalism, quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Competent sales representatives advise you as a specialist retailer in Austria, Germany and neighboring countries, while our experienced office team ensures uncomplicated processing. Thanks to our almost 3,000 m² logistics center in Tamsweg (Salzburger Land), we can guarantee on-time delivery.




Griffwelt Geschäftsführung Harald Moser


Our most important asset, our employees

The satisfaction of our customers is paramount to us, along with the satisfaction of our employees. The well-being and future of our team members are dear to us. In doing so, we prioritize reliability, mutual respect, appreciation, kindness, and trust. We interact with each other honestly and openly, demonstrating understanding and tolerance. This communication on equal terms is the foundation of a positive work atmosphere.

Harald Moser



Griffwelt Leitung Innendienst Helga Oberkofler

Helga Oberkofler

Head of Sales Support

Griffwelt Stv. Leitung Innendienst Tanja Hartsleben

Tanja Hartsleben

Sales Support

Griffwelt Innendienst Vertrieb Carina Santner

Carina Santner

Sales Support

Griffwelt Technischer Kundendienst Peter Klausner

Peter Klausner

Technical customer service

Griffwelt Internationaler Einkauf Lijuan Zhang

Lijuan Zhang

International Sales I Purchasing Manager


Griffwelt Controlling | Buchhaltung Mag. Claudia Stöckl

Mag. Claudia Schiefer

Controlling I Accounting


Griffwelt Vertriebsleitung Ralf Jarder

Ralf Jardner

General Sales Managers

Griffwelt Verkaufsleitung Michael Franz

Michael Franz

Sales Manager

Griffwelt Verkaufsleitung Steffen Jung

Steffen Jung

Sales Manager

Warehouse | Logistics

Griffwelt Leitung Lager | Logistik Richard Pinetz

Richard Pinetz

Head of Warehouse | Logistics

Griffwelt Stv. Leitung Lager | Logistik Anita Jaeger

Anita Jäger

Warehouse I Logistics

Griffwelt Lager | Qualitätskontrolle Thomas Gappmayr

Thomas Gappmayr

Warehouse | Quality control

Griffwelt Lager | Qualitätskontrolle Sabine Eggarter

Sabine Eggarter

Warehouse | Quality control

Griffwelt Lager | Qualitätskontrolle Milica Tomic

Milica Tomic

Warehouse | Quality control

Griffwelt Bemusterung - Johann Schneeberger

Johann Schneeberger


We are quality

We prioritize quality in everything we do. Each day, we deliver tailored products and services, providing unique added value and substantial benefits for you. Our guiding principle remains steadfast: Our collective success is only attained when our customers and business partners are fully satisfied. Since our establishment in 2013, we have continuously expanded while upholding this mindset.